gilden tree

Natural and Organic Foot Care Products

Across time and cultures, some ingredients stand out as being remarkably beneficial, without damaging side effects.  Gilden Tree products are based on these "natural wonders" so that every product helps promote "meaningful healing" where we help our bodies heal themselves

  • Nourishing Foot Cream:  ​Serious, but gently cream heals, softens and soothes dry skin and cracked heels
  • 95% Shea Butter Balm:  A soft and creamy balm for repairing cracked heels and dry cuticles, especially when applied over Foot Cream to seal in moisture.
  • Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber : Unique terra-cotta pumice stone that cleans and scrubs.  Its fired in a kiln so it never wears out 

Dr.'s Remedy

Doctor-Formulated, healthier alternative to traditional nail polish

What's Inside:

  • Tea Tree Oil & Garlic Bulb Extract:  Ingredients which are naturally occurring anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Vitamins C&E:  Organic compounds for healthier, stronger looking skin and nails
  • Wheat Protein: Protein which contains amino acids to naturally increase shine

What's Not:

  • No formaldehyde:  A chemical that's been proven to cause cancer
  • No DBP:  A potential developmental and reproductive toxin that may cause birth defects.  It's even banned in Europe
  • No Toluene:  A chemical that the EPA restricts in our drinking water; it an cause nervous system disorders and damage to the liver and kidneys