NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES  THIS NOTICE DESCRIBES HOW MEDICAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU MAY BE USED AND DISCLOSED AND HOW YOU CAN GET ACCESS TO THAT INFORMATION.  Cardinal Podiatry, PLLC is committed to maintaining the privacy of your protected health information (“PHI”).  PHI is information that identifies you, such as your name, physical address or email address. PHI also includes information about your health condition and the care and treatment you receive from Cardinal Podiatry and is often referred to as your medical record.  This Notice explains how your PHI may be used and disclosed to third parties.  HOW THE PRACTICE MAY USE AND DISCLOSE YOUR PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION 
The Practice, in accordance with this Notice and without asking your express consent or authorization, may use and disclose your PHI for the purposes of (a) Treatment - To provide you with the health care you require, the Practice may use and disclose your PHI to those health care professionals, whether on the Practice’s staff or not, so that it may provide, coordinate, plan and manage your healthcare. (b) Directory– The Practice may maintain a “Podiatry Patient List” which remains with the doctor at all time.  It is used to keep track of individuals seeking care and treatment for that day.  This information is accessible only to those who are coordinating care at the time (c)  Advice of Appointment and Services – The Practice may, from time to time, contact you to provide appointment reminders or information about treatment alternatives or other health-related services.  The following appointment reminders may be used by the Practice:  a) a Postcard mailed to you at the address provided by you; b) an email sent to the email address provided by you and/or c) telephoning you at the phone number you provided and leaving a message on your answering machine or with the individual answering the phone. (d) Family/Friends– The Practice may disclose to a family member, other relative, a close personal friend or any other person identified by you, your PHI directly relevant to such person’s involvement with your care or the payment of your care.  (e) Payment- To get paid for services provided to you, the Practice may provide your PHI, directly or indirectly through a billing service, to a third party who may be responsible for your care or the Medicare Program. (f)  De-identified information – The Practice may use and disclose health information that may be related to your care but does not identify you and cannot be used to identify you. (g) Business Associate – The Practice may use and disclose PHI to one or more of its business associates.  A business associate is an entity that assists the Practice in understanding some essential function, such as a bookkeeper or billing company (h) Public Health Activities – The Practice may use and disclose PHI when required by law to provide information to a public health authority to prevent or control disease (i)  Personal Representative – The Practice may use and disclose PHI to a person who, under applicable law, has the authority to represent you in making decisions related to your health care (j)  Emergency Situations – The Practice may use anddisclose PHI for the purpose of obtaining or rendering emergency treatment to you provided that the Practice attempts to obtain your Consent as soon aspossible.  Use and/or disclosures, other than those described above, will be made only with your written authorization  This Notice is in effect as of 04/14/2013